May be pregnant after breast cancer treatment

For the guidance of fertility patients is also very important aspect.
Because the disease is now younger, many women suffering from breast cancer disease , had not fertility .
Currently, although there is no evidence that patients suffering from breast cancer and affect reproductive function, but the medical staff and the patient should be whether to choose for their fertility , as well as when to take full account of family planning done , but also to the introduction of disease recurrence in patients
risks and circumstances influence on future generations .

what circumstances may consider fertility ?
Patients may consider fertility in the following situations.
However, before the birth, should be good communication with the relevant medical staff and restructure to prepare.
A breast carcinoma in situ patients at the end of the surgery and radiotherapy can be considered after birth .
Second, lymph node -negative patients with invasive breast cancer surgery two years after birth may be considered ; three , lymph node -positive patients with invasive breast cancer in the five years after surgery may be considered fertility .
Fourth, the need to assist patients with endocrine therapy , three months before conception stop hormonal therapy ( such as Zoladex , tamoxifen or other serms), until the end of lactation after giving birth , and then continue to endocrine therapy.

When considering fertility patients , but also consider the possibility of their recovery and recurrence of the situation , so the choice of treatment for breast cancer is very important.
Comprehensive consideration good question , and actively cooperate with the doctor’s recommendation to restore .
Finally, I wish all patients are able to resume as soon as possible , but also a blessing in patients not given birth to an early birth to a healthy baby .

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The new breast cancer treatment

With advances in medicine, there are more and more used in clinical treatments , such as in the treatment of breast cancer , not only have major surgery and other treatment methods , there are new treatments biotherapy , immunotherapy , etc., they
have played their role.
Here are some what treatment methods.

1, biological therapy and molecular targeted therapy .
Biological therapy can be said to be a new method of treatment, but there are better development.
Herceptin is currently playing for her-2 oncogene and tdm-1 biological therapy and tyrosine kinase inhibitors lapatinib in the treatment of advanced breast cancer in a superior efficacy, biological therapy and molecular targeted therapy in breast cancer
future treatment will have a broader outlook .

2, Chinese medicine therapy and immunotherapy.
Now Chinese medicine also plays a larger role , the use of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of breast cancer is feasible.
Chinese medicine is a useful complement to the treatment of breast cancer , for conditioning the body functions , enhance its cancer-fighting ability , can delay tumor progression ; cooperate with chemotherapy and radiotherapy can reduce toxicity and enhance anti-cancer effects.
Over the years, people have been exploring methods of application of immunology to treat breast cancer.
From the theoretical point of view, the most specific immunotherapy , only killing tumor cells , there is no harm to normal tissue , systemic treatment , for the treatment of non- confined tumors.
However, due to the presence of a complex tumor immune escape mechanisms , the current effect of immunotherapy is still not satisfied.

This shows that breast cancer treatment should be based on comprehensive treatment, not a single treatment, a combination of a variety of treatment methods can be useful supplement , making treatment to achieve better results , kill
destroy the virus better, and harm to patients is also smaller .

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What is the endocrine treatment of breast cancer

There are many in the treatment of breast cancer better treatment, the patient can choose the room is relatively large , in addition to surgical treatment , radiotherapy and chemotherapy , the endocrine therapy is a good one .
This treatment is more natural , does not cause greater harm to the patient.
Here are some .

At present, the role of endocrine therapy is growing, more and more patients using the .
Endocrine therapy depends on the development of hormone receptors in the tumor tissue was measured .
Determination of the efficacy of hormone receptors in breast cancer have a clear relationship : ①er or pr application receptor -positive rate was 50% ~ 60% of endocrine therapy , while negative efficiency below 10%.
er, pr Both positive efficiency up to 77% , the positive effect of the receptor level was positively correlated .
② receptor-negative cells often poorly differentiated , receptor-negative patients after relapse easy ; regardless of lymph node metastasis prognosis than those with negative receptor positive difference ; positive if the transfer , tend to skin and soft tissue or bone
transfer , while negative ones tend visceral metastases.
③ hormone receptor determination has formulated a plan for post-operative adjuvant therapy .
Receptor -positive cases , especially in post-menopausal hormonal therapy can be used as an adjuvant therapy after surgery , but before menopause or hormone receptor negative places adjuvant chemotherapy .

general endocrine therapy for people may have some inappropriate recognize , such as some people think that this treatment is too slow to bear fruit , a lot of practice showed that the onset of endocrine therapy does not slow , and sometimes it even faster onset
as much as chemotherapy, can be effective in a few days.

Through the above description can be seen , in fact, the treatment of breast cancer , or more , and like endocrine therapy and other treatments can achieve better results , and will not result in a particularly large for the patient’s body
So breast cancer patients can be more consideration for such treatment.

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Periodic review of breast cancer need attention

While the treatment of breast cancer patients is extremely important , but there is a job is particularly important that the review after the treatment , there are many patients because of neglect of the review and the emergence of more serious relapse , the patient’s life constitutes a
great threat , so the review is an essential task of the patient .

When conducting the review , you can make a choice based on the patient’s condition .
For example patients without bone metastasis symptoms , especially before the isotope bone scan in patients with normal bone scan is generally not checked .
Patients retain the breast, usually at the end of radiotherapy to conduct a second breast x -ray examination six months, every 12 months after general radiography 1 times can be.
Contralateral breast is every 12 months radiography 1 .

Although it looks regular review of more trouble, but patients still have to actively be complied with.
In particular, the overall recurrence rate of breast cancer is still quite high now , review the value is very positive .
On the other hand , standardized, rigorous follow-up and can really provide a lot of information about the patient’s survival and quality of life .
Because the most important indicators of cancer treatment is the patient’s long-term survival and quality of life situations.
So , you can certainly say that there is no specific follow-up team and organization is impossible to accurately evaluate the true value of a method of treatment and adverse effects , so you can imagine, this 0026 ldquo; Hospital 0026 rdquo; so-called 0026 ldquo; experience 0026 rdquo;
and unique 0026 ldquo; medicine 0026 rdquo; probably mostly water.

Thus , in order to do the breast cancer treatment , treatment is very important not only employed , periodic review is an integral part of the treatment , and it plays a very important role.
Patients should recognize the importance of regular review , to avoid the phenomenon of self-assertion is not for review .

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Treatment of breast cancer need to pay attention to what matters

For the majority of women with breast cancer is not new , in recent years, breast cancer has become a high incidence of gynecologic oncology diseases, breast cancer for women in order to reduce the damage caused when suffering from this disease
after going to choose the right approach to treatment, then treatment of breast cancer need to pay attention to what matters it?
Here to tell you about .

in the treatment of breast cancer , you need to pay attention to note include the following , first of all, is to choose the right treatment .
Stop- gap measures , Western -oriented medical profession is often used to take the form of direct surgical resection of the affected area.
Like with other breast cancers , are generally conservative treatment and surgical treatment of the two methods , surgery is now the primary means of treatment of breast cancer , postoperative choose other methods of treatment with the treatment can effectively relieve the symptoms of breast cancer patients , surgery can
effectively remove a large tumor cell patients , reduce systemic tumor cell load , quick, can ease the symptoms of cancer in the body , to minimize the suffering of breast cancer patients , and achieved certain results.

In addition, treatment of breast cancer in addition to selecting the correct approach should be outside , in order to reduce breast cancer brought harm to patients , but also to consider the side effects of treatment should be generated .
Side effects of the treatment of breast cancer is surgery that does exist .
After cancer patients during surgery often have nausea , vomiting, hair loss and other side effects, so patients with eating difficulties, unable to live a normal life , while surgery will accelerate the proliferation and metastasis of tumor cells , create difficulties for the further treatment of cancer.
With medical advances and to carry out the census , the survival rate for breast cancer has been greatly improved , is one of the best cancer prognosis .
Introduction Matters

The above is about the treatment of breast cancer conducted to note , which we can see , in the treatment of breast cancer , in order to be able to reduce the treatment to patients caused by side effects, the
be sure to select the right treatment methods.

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Women with breast cancer can be cured it

Once diagnosed with breast cancer , female friends have this mentality, is feeling his life has come to an end, they all believe that breast cancer is incurable , the patient will die, and in fact this is a very one-sided argument, although the breast cancer mortality
relatively high, but it is not no cure possible , so patients still have to establish confidence in a friend , and that breast cancer can be cured?

you can cure breast cancer , breast cancer patients with the best treatment in the hospital for detailed treatment of early breast cancer patients are generally treated by surgery , which is a radical approach, but late
is unlikely to promote the adoption of this approach, because it is easy cause cancer metastasis , breast cancer patients after general surgery , also need radiation therapy as adjuvant therapy, which is conducive to recovery from surgery , you can eliminate residual cancer cells, but this will inevitably produce toxic
side effects, but can be combined with tumor biological treatment , not only for the increase in the number of white blood cells , enhancing immune function has a good effect , but also reduce the toxicity of radiotherapy to ensure the smooth conduct of radiotherapy.

breast cancer can be cured?
The key lies in the choice of treatment of breast cancer , the rapid development in medical technology today can be taken to chemotherapy, which is the method commonly used to treat breast cancer , does not belong to surgical treatment , but the digestive function and bone marrow caused no small
the impact of biological treatment : tumor biological treatment following the surgery , the fourth tumor after chemotherapy treatment modalities , it is the use to improve their immune cell activity, to achieve the purpose of killing tumor cells .

you can cure breast cancer , breast cancer for this problem can only say that there is a cure is possible, but less likely , but if the patient can have a calm and optimistic attitude to treat the disease , but also accept the best
treatment of breast cancer , then there is no problem to extend life , just a little attention to diet and life details on all right .

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With breast cancer can be cured

Because breast cancer has been threatening to women’s lives , so once in patients with breast cancer , then it will produce extra worry , direct care to breast cancer can be cured ?
Cure breast cancer in the medical profession is still an unsolved problem, treatment of breast cancer in addition to tumor size , but have taken breast cancer treatment is also very important , and that in the end breast cancer can be cured ?

There are three ways to treat breast cancer , namely surgery , radiotherapy and chemotherapy , and tumor biological treatment , these three methods will have a good effect on breast cancer , but breast cancer can be cured
seems still a problem to be solved , surgical treatment : For early breast cancer patients, surgery is a radical treatment, while the late stage breast cancer patients is often used as a palliative treatment .
But surgery will cause damage and blood loss in patients with body tissues , so that patients physical weakness, easily lead to recurrence of cancer.
If it can be combined with tumor biological treatment can greatly enhance the patient body , to prevent cancer recurrence and metastasis of great benefit.
Radiation therapy: preoperative radiotherapy as adjuvant therapy , to a certain extent, help postoperative recovery , elimination of residual cancer cells, but will also produce a series of side effects, causing serious damage to the physical and mental patients , radiation hampered the smooth
get on .
If the combined tumor biological treatment , not only for the increase in the number of white blood cells , enhancing immune function has a good effect , but also reduce the toxicity of radiotherapy to ensure the smooth conduct of radiotherapy.
Chemotherapy : Chemotherapy is one common method of non-surgical treatment of breast cancer , but it exists 0026 ldquo; enemy regardless 0026 rdquo; ( cancer cells and normal human cells were killed together ) , the effective dose and the toxic dose is very close to ( drug
less of does not work, then the dose more prone to toxicity ) , a serious shortage of side effects , of which the digestive dysfunction and bone marrow suppression and other reactions most obvious impact of the smooth progress of chemotherapy.
Biological treatment : tumor biological treatment following the surgery , the fourth tumor after chemotherapy treatment modalities , it is the use to improve their immune cell activity, to achieve the purpose of killing tumor cells

breast cancer can be cured
yet , by the above description we can know , in the understanding of the etiology of breast cancer are cured after possible, but if it is late , then transformed into acute and chronic breast cancer cure breast cancer , then the probability is relatively small, if every aspect in
early treatment , which is conducive to breast cancer treatment , and no transfer occurs , the possibility of the cure is still getting bigger, and vice versa , even with surgery , it is only a temporary extension of life , at any recurrence.

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Breast cancer patients in need of rehabilitation exercises

general breast cancer patient’s condition is more serious, is the need to frequently bedridden , though, so it should enable patients to make some necessary rehabilitation exercises , which is good for the patient , but the patient’s body to avoid wear and tear , infection
and so on.
The following breast cancer patients should pay attention to common sense .

1, upper limb functional exercise.
Patients need to make the necessary upper extremity exercise in order to avoid the phenomenon of swelling , moderate activity and exercise helps to improve lymphatic circulation .
Such as stretching, abdominal breathing can change the internal thoracic pressure , promote lymphatic flow .
Arm lifting exercise can stimulate muscle contraction lymph flow.
However , the movement is too strong or static nature of activities ( such as carrying heavy loads , etc. ) can cause lymphatic overload , increased upper limb edema.
Remember not to over- exercise, should be gradual .
The following exercise can help you recover upper limb function , reduce the incidence of edema .
Exercise , should adhere to the limb distal to proximal events ( from the wrist to the elbow then shoulder ) , in accordance with a reasonable way to exercise .

2, massage.
Patients and their families can also do some simple massage can effectively eliminate the swelling phenomenon.
Empty the surrounding tissue massage to lymphatic vessels , thus speeding up the lymph return ipsilateral upper extremity .
But massage to massage by experienced professional conduct .

Therefore, the treatment of disease in breast cancer patients , it may be some unexpected situation , the patient will bear some of the pain , so care needs to conduct more in order to maintain the patient’s strength and eliminate the symptoms.
And these common sense is needed in patients with breast cancer families who keep in mind.

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Breast cancer care measures upper extremity swelling

With breast condition worsen , patients suffering not only growing, but also physical symptoms will be more and more.
For example , many patients with upper extremity swelling occurs , patients will spook this case , and therefore the treatment of breast cancer , should actively good treatment and care.

If the patients had upper extremity swelling , need to actively carry out proper care.
It should be noted : a preventive upper limb injury, infection ; 2 avoid upper limb drug injection , blood , immunization and blood pressure measurement ; 3 upper limb avoid high temperatures, such as hot water immersion, sun exposure , sauna etc. .
; 4 avoid wearing tight underwear , necklaces and lanyards bra ; . 5 to avoid the ipsilateral upper extremity for high-intensity exercise , heavy lifting and other activities.
In addition, by 0026 ldquo; Climbing Exercise 0026 rdquo; may to some extent alleviate lymphedema .

In addition, the patient must do skin care, avoid skin abrasion and other phenomena , good skin protection measures, the main purpose is to prevent infection , because the gap between their organizations lymphedema rich in protein, minor skin
damage can lead to bacterial infections.
Therefore , you should avoid trauma, limb blood , injections, blood pressure or intravenous injection ; avoid hand weights and long drooping limb ; avoid insect bites , prevent skin damage , once the skin lesions should be dealt with immediately .

Thus , it should be eliminated by treatment of the symptoms of breast cancer patients , to alleviate the suffering of patients.
The correct care measures are more important, if the patients had upper extremity swelling , should actively prevent infection , avoid skin damage.

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Factors affecting the cost of treatment of breast cancer

We not only the relationship between breast cancer treatment , for the treatment of breast cancer is also very concerned about the cost , whether it is early or advanced breast disease should pay attention to choose the right treatment, in order to more effectively improve the condition , the authority
experts to , depending on the treatment you choose , different choices of hospital treatment , as well as one’s own illness , the cost of treatment of breast cancer is very different from the .

Beijing breast cancer treatment costs how much ?
Beijing Women’s Hospital has many large and small , and according to the different stages of breast cancer , current treatment methods are also different.
Usually breast cancer sub- 5 , 0-Ⅱ period early , Ⅲ-Ⅳ period of advanced breast cancer .
Comprehensive treatment for breast cancer treatment , comprehensive treatment, including surgery , chemotherapy, hormonal therapy , radiation therapy and biological therapy.

In general common treatment for breast cancer conservative drug therapy, Chinese medicine, and surgery, of course, the cost of such treatment of breast cancer surgery is relatively higher, other treatment costs are
is negotiable, no money and they can rule , the cheapest solution in the treatment period, need only a few dollars a day .

but for different periods of sick patients , the treatment method of choice is somewhat different , in general, the main treatment for early breast cancer is an integrated therapy.
Most of the patients had surgery need to do some comprehensive treatment, such as chemotherapy , radiotherapy , endocrine therapy.

visible , treatment of breast cancer is very much , friends of patients choose different treatment methods , then the cost of treatment of breast cancer is different.
Phoenix Chinese medicine experts introduced to the channel , the rapid development in medical technology today, the treatment of breast cancer is very much , we do not need to talk about cancer appear pale, maintain a positive and optimistic treatment , the greater will be the likelihood of cure